Man Has Always Been Saved By Faith & Grace

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Why did God give the Law? The Law was given so the people would know and understand God and His will. The Law was needed to show man his need for God and the futility of trying to save himself.

Jesus said if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father, My Father and I are One.

¨      I am come to fulfill the law

We error when we think the righteous Jew was not saved by faith and grace. They who were faithful were saved by God’s grace, which counted their faith in the law and in God’s covenant Word to them unto righteousness.

The problem was that most did not follow the law in their hearts; they followed the appearance of the law on the outside, but the Spirit of the Law they did not understand.

The Pharisee had a form of Godliness, but denied the Spirit, denied the Grace, denied the Power. They counted their own acts as the power of the law to work salvation.

We do this today when we deny the Power of the Holy Spirit in our ability to live righteously or even worse, when we reject the Power of the Spirit completely and wrongly use grace as an excuse to live un-righteously.

Jesus message to the Jews was, stop trying to do this of your own accord. You cannot follow the law closely enough to be righteous. The law is my father’s will, which you follow in faith and through His grace He counts it as righteousness.

Jesus said all the law hangs on these two commandments. Love thy God with all they heart, mind, and soul and thy neighbor as thyself.

Christ is the Law. We cringe at this, because some how the enemy has directed us to believe Jesus came to abolish the law, replacing the first covenant with the second. But, you cannot separate the Spirit of the Law from the letter of the Law any more than you can separate the Spirit of God from the flesh of God that was Christ in the Flesh.  The first covenant was a picture of the more perfect covenant not yet made manifest.

Those who followed the Law in Faith with right and humble hearts toward God were the benefactors of God’s grace and mercy and received salvation and forgiveness of sin.

They had seen Jesus, because they saw the Spirit of the Law, The Grace of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. We cannot forget that the Lamb of God was slain before the foundations of the world; we saw the physical manifestation of that in 33AD.

The Jews who saw Jesus in the flesh and followed Him were set free from Bondage to the Law, because they understood the message Jesus carried from the Father. “Not by Might, Not by (your power) power, but BY MY Spirit” “You cannot do this on your own” “You need me; you need my Spirit”

The new covenant writes the Law in our hearts. Jesus is the Spirit of the Law written on our hearts by the finger of God Almighty.  We are not in bondage to the law because we understand that it is the power of the Holy Spirit in us that allows us to keep the commandments, and we keep them because we love Him who first loved us. We are forgiven of sin by God’s grace because we recognize that God himself paid the price of sin for us by the shed blood of Christ.

The grace is not new it has always been there, a gift given freely to us, and also given freely before Christ came through the Spirit of the Law…The spirit that flowed from God’s finger to the tablets. Man’s failure to see The Spirit of God in the Law or in The Christ doesn’t mean it was not there then or is not here now. But we cannot benefit from that which we will not receive.

The shed blood of a thousand lambs could not atone for sin without the power of the Spirit, the faith in God’s Word, and His Grace.

Noah, Moses, Elijah, all were champions of faith; but even that faith was a gift of God’s grace.  They had right hearts before God. They believed God’s word; they understood they were nothing without God and that they could do nothing without God. They walked in their Faith trusting, not in themselves, but in the power of His word and in His righteousness.

This is the same thing that is required of us today.  Even the Precious Blood of Jesus cannot take away our sin, without the Power of the Spirit who raised Him from the Dead and calls us to the Truth, Our faith in God’s Word, and His Grace.  We must believe if we are to be saved, but God gives us faith to believe… a free gift of His grace and mercy.

¨      Christ is the High Priest who atones for sin.

¨      Christ is the Lamb without blemish that shed his blood to pay for sin

¨      Christ is the scapegoat who takes away the sins of the people

¨      Christ is the Spirit of the Law

¨      Christ is the Law written on our hearts

¨      Christ and the Holy Spirit are One with God, are ONE GOD

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