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Homeschool Publishing grew out of our need for additional worksheets and materials to re-enforce the subjects we were studying. We felt that we were using a great curriculum, but we just needed extra materials. I spent hours looking for and creating resources.

Additionally, I found it frustrating that most of the available materials out there contained some reference to evolution, especially in science. I also realized that there are not a lot of materials out there for the middle and high school student and moms just don’t have the time to spend weeding through what is there.

So helpforhomeschoolers.com was born. Your Amazing Body Systems is our first production. It covers the cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, muscular system, nervous system, respiratory and reproductive systems, the skeletal system, and the urinary system. There are large clear diagrams of each system, as well a note sheets, crossword puzzles, and other activities that I am sure you will find to be a blessing. We are developing other materials in various subject areas.

Our next project is a geography workbook. So, We hope you’ll come back often and check out the latest additions to our growing product line.

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